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Communication brings teams together
Consultants can communicate in the document, collaboratively creating documents together. For anyone not using Part3, shoot them an email directly from the document view.
Contextual activity
Avoid misunderstandings through shared context
Context is key to understanding team members actions and behaviour. Add commentary or leave feedback when reviewing, approving or submitting a task.
Document management
Workflows that save you time
Create and issue Proposed Changes, Change Directives, Change Orders and Site Instructions while collaborating with the entire consultant team.
Project Logs and Analytics
Stay informed, stay on track
Visualize the big picture in real time, on any device, with a robust dashboard for immediate access to project logs and financials.
Branded documents
Branded contract documents that represent your company
Download, or share branded PDF documents created in Part3.
Empower your consultant team
Part3 is a growing platform that brings project teams together, and protects your profit margins.
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