Construction Administration Simplified

A tool for your whole team. Manage tasks, collaborate, and stay organized
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Say goodbye to email chains, spreadsheets, and signature tools with Part3
Create and issue branded change documents
Prime consultants can collaborate with the entire consultant team to create and issue branded change documents and site instructions
Connect and communicate anywhere, anytime
Post comments, add context to reviews and approvals, or send emails directly from Part3. Connected teams are productive teams
Stay on track with project logs and data
Manage team members and keep track of project progress with easy to understand change logs and dashboard
What they have to say
"We're excited to finally have a platform where all of the consultants can collaborate on the project together. The team at Part3 have been open and collaborative in listening and responding to our feedback and ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing this platform continue to grow!"
Dan Kronby, Senior Associate
Who is Part3 for?
Built for everyone involved in Construction Administration
Create and issue site instructions, change directives, proposed changes and change orders
Collaborate, review and create change documents, stay up-to-date with tasks
Interior Designers
Work with owners, contractors and consultants to create and issue contract documents
Review, approve, monitor. Stay up-to-date with real-time information on any device
General Contractors
Real-time updates and access to a single repository for change documents and site instructions
...and anyone else
Anyone that wants to stay in the loop of your project!
Empower your consultant team
Part3 is a growing platform that brings project teams together, and protects your profit margins.
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